Who is MrJoeliec?

I mean seriously…

Is MrJoelieC a Liar, Lunatic, or really the “down to-earth” guy as he himself claims to be?

I was looking for a “good” opening statement for the “about” page on this website. Those who know me have probably at one time or another received one of my business cards that claim that I am a “Bon Vivant” or “Liberator of the Oppressed.”

The truth is I’m really an average “geeky” guy who has not really done that much traveling and the only “oppressed” people I have helped are those with computers that had a virus…

I am Joel A. Chappell Son of Joel B. Chappell and Judith A. Chappell. I have 2 older Sisters a younger Half Brother and two older Step-Sisters. My wife is Dawn and I have 3 of the best and cutest children on the planet. (I’m really not biased.) A boy: Coman James Chappell, a girl: Miranda Josephine Chappell, and another girl: Kassandra Ann Chappell.

I have been told I write decently when I actually use spell check and in some forums, I am very well known for whipping out a “Soap Box” and expressing my views. In addition from time to time, I have been known to do the same on some family/friend e-mail chains.

Thus, it was recommended: “Joel, you should have your own BLOG so you can easily post your views and/or opinions.”I hemmed and hawed on this suggestion for some time and upon reflection, I thought that perhaps I could use the web as both a repository of my feeble mind and also use it as “therapy” and/or to “confess my soul.” on some of my thoughts that I have at times…


The views expressed by me are “my views” and not necessarily anyone else’s… You may laugh, cry, or be so overwhelmingly offended that you may say you will never speak to me again. If you cannot take what I have to say I can only say: “Oh well.”

He is who he is

Deal with it