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All Things MrJoelieC.

Social Media

MrJoelieC is on many Social media platforms as well as many other Web Mediums as well… Back in the Day when everyone was on MySpace MrJoelieC was there. But Now facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of Course, Instagram. Many are linked at the bottom of the page for your curiosity…

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Online presence

Being present and in the moment is MrJoelieC’s strength. Many Blogs and Articles have been written by MrJoelieC ranging from Politics, Religion, and philosophy. Nowadays, MrJoelieC has been focusing on the “Automotive Enthusiest World” and has even been a guest on a few podcasts on this subject.

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Hobies and Interests

Camping, Fishing, Photography, Beer, Social Subjects, Computers, IT, Technology, Sci-Fi and Literature,  and especially The Automotive Comunity. These are the many interests that hold the attention of MrJoelieC…

There is not much that does not interest MrJoelieC…

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About MrJoelieC

There really is not much else to say about MrJoelieC that has not been said above… Here are other locations and websites where you can learn about MrJoelieC:

  • The Blog
  • BDU
  • NEAS

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